Siplot Games - Jamieson Battistella and Kelera Ratu

Jamieson and Kelera have been selected as part of a team of 6, from Maribyronong Sports Academy, to attend the 40th annual Simplot Games.  They will be held February 15-17, 2018, at Idaho State University’s Holt Arena, Poctello, Idaho. The J.R. Simplot Company-sponsored event has become one of USAs premier high school indoor track and field events since it was first held in 1979.

Jack Rayner finishes 3rd in City2Sea

Jack Rayner city2sea

There were TEN club records set on the weekend!!! Nine broken at Vic Relays on Sat and then early Sunday morning, Jack Rayner finishing 3rd in the City to Sea 15km road race ran 46.06 to break our Club record by approx 1 minute...

Great running Jack!

All records have been updated:

State Relay Results

State relays 40+ women 4x1500m gold

A huge day of competition was held recently at Lakeside.  Once again, there was a tremendous amount of work organising the teams from all the coaches and Peter Cashin.  The day would not of been a success without our volunteers - Thank you.

GOLD - W40+ - 4x1500m (Carolyn Huell, Sharon Rankin, Chelsea MorleyStephanie Thomas) - Club Record

GOLD - M14 - 4x400m (Cooper Cavallo, Anzac Pirika, Matthias Ong, Jalen Jaimangal) - Club Record

SILVER - M14 - 4x100m (Patrick Aquilina, Blake Kelly, Matthias Ong, Anazc Pirika) - Club Record

BRONZE - M18 - 1600m Medley (Jotham KukuBailey SharpDaly AndrewsMatthew Hussey) - Club Record

As well as the four Club Records above, there were five others:
M16 - 1600m Medley (Sean Knight, Brayden PortelliSam Clifford, Ethan McMinimee)
M16 - 4x400m (Brayden PortelliSam Clifford, Ethan Payne, Ben Spina)
M16 - 4x100m (Joel Saied Musa KukuBrayden Portelli, Ethan Payne, Sam Clifford)
W14 - 4x100m (Jessica Evans, Marissa Auricchio, Kaylee Mangion, Chantelle Williams)
W Open - 4x100m (Billie ArchMorgan MitchellKirsty Stevens, Adora Arch)

All Schools Results


PLACING - continued

Aliyah Canepa  U16 Hammer

Bec Sutton U16 Discus – 6th

Sam Clifford 800m

Bec Sutton U16 Shotput – 4th

Jotham Kuku U17 TJ

Keegan Andrews U16 Discus – 7th  (pb)

Matt Hussey U17 1500m

Keegan Andrews U16 Shotput – 6th

Matt Hussey U17 3000m SC (pb)

Gyan Singh U14 100m – 14th

Ebony Dodemaide U16 3000m SC

Gyan Singh U14 200m – 12th

Jamieson Battisetelle U18 HJ

Janae Mackrell U16 1500m – 7th

Jamieson Battisetelle U20 SP

Janae Mackrell U16 800m - 6th

Jamieson Battisetelle U20 100mH

Anzac Pirika U14 400m  - 13th


Anzac Pirika U14 200mH – 10th

 Aliyah Canepa  U16 Discus

Anzac Pirika U14 800m – 14th

 Aliyah Canepa  U16 Shotput

Matthias Ong U14 400m – 9th (pb)

 Sophie McMinimee U17 2000m SC (pb)

Janel Jaimangal U14 400m – 16th

 Ethan McMinimee U16 3000m

Marissa Auricchio U14 800m  - 13th

 Mia White U15 2000mSC (pb)

Daly Andrew U18 400mH – 4th (pb)


Sophie McMahon – U16 90mH – 6th

 Bec Sutton U16 Hammer

Robert Weitsz U17 2000m SC – 6th (pb)

 Brayden Portelli U16 100m

Bailey Sharp U18 3000m – 7th  (pb)

 Sam Clifford U16 400m

Matthias Ong U14 TJ – 7th

 Sophie McMahon U16 200mH (pb)

Matthias Ong U14 LJ – 9th (pb)

 Divad Palu U14 Discus

Seve Redmore U15 Discus – 12th

 Cooper Cavallo U14 LJ (pb)

Seve Redmore U15 Javelin – 9th

 Victoria Entwistle-Hardeman U15 Discus

Seve Redmore U15 Shotput – 8th


Seve Redmore U15 Hammer – 4th

 Cooper Cavallo U14 TJ – 4th (pb)

Joel Kuku U15 TJ – 11th

 Cooper Cavallo U14 100m – 7th

Adonias Vaz U18 TJ – 8th

 Cooper Cavallo U14 HJ – 4th

Adonias Vaz U18 LJ – 12th

 Abigail Thomas U15 SC - 4th

Justine Muscat U18 1500m

 Abigail Thomas U15 Pole Vault - 5th

Georgia Muller U15 800m – 5th

 Ben Spina U16 

Brandon Muscat U16 3000mSC – 8th(pb)

 Kelera Ratu U16 400m - 4th

Ethan Payne U16 100mH – 6th

 Kelera Ratu U16 100m - 8th

Ethan Payne U16 200mH – 4th

 Kelera Ratu U16 200m

Ethan Payne U16 LJ – 9th

 Sean Knight U16 TJ – 10th

Ethan Payne U16 TJ – 7th

 Sean Knight U16 LJ – 10th

2018 Commonwealth Games Baton Carrier - Phil Dunstone

Congratulations Phil for being selected to a baton carrier, for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.  The date will be Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 4.00pm. Location has not yet been advised.  When final details are known we will advise, so we can go a cheer our own local volunteer hero.

Our own *Spartan Marathon Runner - Adrain Jeffkins

Our past president, and current registrar has a very large list of achievements in long distance running.  

He has completed:- 11 x Melbourne Marathons; 3 x Gold Coast Marathons; 3 x Sydney Marathons; 1 Canberra Marathon; 2 x Great Ocean Road Marathons;  12 x  45kms Blue Mountain runs and 2 x 50km You Yang Ultra runs.  A very impressive list of achievements.  Congratulations Adrian.  I am sure you wear your Spartan green singlet and your personalised number with pride. 

*Once you have competed in 10 Melbourne Marathons you are then eligible to apply to become a Spartan


Michael Mirindi wins Age Category (20-24) in 10km

On top of the outstanding marathon results, Michael Mirindi, also competed and won the 10km in the age category (20-24), finishing 8th overall male in a time of 1:10, at the Melbourne Marathon running festival.  Congratulations Michael.

October - the Month for Marathon Running

What a huge month for some of our members.  While most of us were having a few weeks of down time between winter and summer season, or we were brushing off our competition singlets to come back after our winter break, we had 5 runners competing marathons.  All of them have trained hard and consistently to achieve some amazing results.

Melbourne Marathon

Ben Mudie - 3:46:53 PB

Sharon Rankin - 3:27:33 PB

Alistair McDonald - 2:38:25

Adrian Jeffkins - 3:43:54. 

Zagreb - Crotia Marathon

Tom Devic - 3:57:10 PB

Sharon and Ben with their very proud coach Chelsea

Great too see Alistair back running well

Adrian completing his 36th marathon (I think)

Tom wearing his specially designed racing singlet

Jamieson Battistella

Jamieson recently was award the The Sanctuary Lakes Foundation young achiever for her pursuits in Athletics. She is currently ranked 3rd in U18 Women's Heptathlon in Australia. 

Some of Jamieson's recent achievements are:
- Represented Australia at the 2017 Oceania Athletics Championships in high jump.
- Represented Victoria at the Australian little athletics championships in 2017 and came 5th in the pentathlon in U15 girls. 
- Came 1st in the U18 women's heptathlon at the 2017 Victorian Championships
- Represented Victorian at the Australian championships in 2015, 2016, 2017

Nardine - Sydney Running Festival and Bri - Berlin Marathon

What a great few weeks for these 2 athletes.  After many hours of training together, sometimes in some very ordinary conditions, both of them posted incredible times in their respective marathons recently.  Their dedication to their training and the respect for their coaches - Stu and Burkie, helped them to both achieve PB's. Nardine clocked a time of 2:50.28 and Bri in a new club record of 2:49.08